STEP 1. Connecting for the first time.

When cPanel VM template is applied on your VM, go to your browser and enter https://your VM IP address to the address bar with 2087 port at the end. i.e.


Make sure you use https:// instead of http://.

You will be redirected to https page and browser will show insecure connection warning.

In the setup phase, it's okay to receive this warning, because your server's SSL certificate is not yet ready. Click on ADVANCED. You will be presented with an option to proceed to the page.

Click on Proceed to [IP address] (unsafe) to continue setup. You will be presented WHM login screen. Please fill in Username and Password fields and click Log inbutton.

STEP 2. Configuring WHM cPanel 

After successful authentication, you will see WHM Initial Setup page. In Step 1 you will see License Agreement. Please click the button [I Agree/Go to Step 2] below.

In Step 2 fill in all required fields and click the button [Save & Go to Step 3] at the bottom of the page.

In Step 3 you can add additional IP Addresses to your cPanel server. You can skip this step and proceed to Step 4 by clicking the button [Go to Step 4] below.

In Step 4 you can choose which Nameserver you want to use or whether you want to disable Nameserver. Make sure you fill in required Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 entries below. Click the button [Save & Go to Step 5].In Step 5 you can choose FTP server or Disable it and configure cPHulk Brute Force Protection. After selecting your choices click the button [Save & Go to Step 6]. In this step please select whether you want to use system quotas and click the button [Finish Setup Wizard].

You will be redirected to Feature Showcase page. The default selection for AutoSSL will enable your automatic free SSL certificate. Click the [Save Settings] button below.

Congratulations, your WHM cPanel setup is finished!

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