Heficed provides Premium and Instant Proto Compute servers which locations and available specifications can be reviewed by visiting Heficed.com website. 

Instant Proto Compute server for immediate deployment can be ordered at Terminal website by selecting location and preferable specifications.

Premium Proto Compute server, due to the nature of the service, currently can be ordered by contacting Sales department representatives via ticketing system or chat.

Once you have chosen the preferred server click on Start Chat button in order to launch sales chat or submit a ticket at your Terminal. During communication with one of the sales representatives, you will guided through the process of registering at Heficed.com if not registered yet, and completing the order for Premium Proto Compute server.

Be aware that Premium Proto Compute servers are being provisioned by the engineering team manually. Therefore, it might take take some time for the server to be ready to use.

In case you need a custom solution, feel free to contact us at sales@heficed.com.

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