There is no limitation on how many IP ranges of different subnets (except /24 and lower) you can order. In the example below, we will show you how the orders for different ranges and locations work:

Lets order /32 in Frankfurt, /31 in Frankfurt and /31 in Chicago. To do that, just follow the appropriate order:

After that, just make a payment and the IPs will get listed in Manage your IPs section. There you can select the server you want to use it on (take notice that the server and the IPs must be at the same location). 

However, we do not sell ranges of /24 and lower - this is a security measure for keeping IPs from blacklisting. To buy ranges of /24 and lower - you can select how many of the subnets you need and then our sales representative will contact you via email. 

Above you can see the limitations and the request for one IP range of /24 in Chicago. After the request is made, you will receive a message on the left hand side of the screen stating the request was successful.

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