Heficed provides Bare Metal servers in 9 locations:

North America (US) - Chicago, Reston, Los Angeles;

Latin America (BR) - São Paulo;

Europe - London (UK), Frankfurt (DE), Milan (IT);

Africa - Lagos (NG), Johannesburg (ZA).

More about available server specifications can be reviewed by visiting the Heficed.com website.

You can order Bare Metal by visiting your terminal, Bare Metal -> Dedicated Servers -> Create, or by pressing here (it will redirect you directly to the order window)

IMPORTANT! To order Bare Metal you must register within Heficed.com

Bare Metal server can also be ordered by contacting Sales department representatives via the ticketing system or chat (Green circle at the bottom right corner).

Bare Metal Order window

Start your Bare Metal order by selecting the server location.

Select server configuration

IMPORTANT! Keep in mind servers configuration might vary by location.
IMPORTANT! Port speed shows the maximum available network speed within the server.

By default server network speed is limited to 100Mbps.

Please contact Sales department representatives via the ticketing system or chat to find out possible network speed limits.

Select server template and billing cycle

Available templates:



CentOS 7/8

Debian 9/10

Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 LTS





Billing - by selecting different cycles (1/3/6/12/24 months) you can get an additional discount of up to 20%.

Heficed IP Transit and Server name

Select how much traffic you will need with your new Bare Metal.

IMPORTANT! If this is not your first server in the same location you can use existing traffic.

Tell us the purpose of the server and give your new Bare Metal an identifying name.

After everything is filled, press Create Server (it will redirect you to pay the server invoice)

If you have any in-store credit you can select the 'Pay from credit balance' option, or use any other available payment method.

IMPORTANT! Keep in mind server preparation will only proceed when the invoice is paid!

Once the payment has been made successfully your invoice status will change to PAID

After successfully placing the order, an automatic ticket is sent to our System Administrators where they will prepare your server.

You can find the ticket by visiting your terminal, Support -> Tickets, or by pressing here.

IMPORTANT! If you have any questions related to your order you can open the ticket and text us directly.

Once your Bare Metal server is prepared our System Administrators will contact you via a previously created ticket.

Be aware that Bare Metal servers are being provisioned by the System Administrators manually. Therefore, it might take some time for the server to be ready to use.

In case you need a custom solution, feel free to contact us via ticket or at sales@heficed.com

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