Cloud Server bandwidth is billed for terabytes of outgoing data per calendar month, regardless of the actual billing cycle, or, using Pay As You Go option:

Bandwidth is unified per area using Heficed IP Transit service. Having one or more servers in one location will create one Heficed IP Transit service which will calculate and join bandwidth usage of all these servers for easier management, control, and payment.

Additional bandwidth in the selected location can be purchased by navigating to Heficed IP Transit at Terminal.

Automated system checks the bandwidth consumption and, in case of bandwidth overage, limits the network speed to 128kbps. Unless upgrade order is placed, such limit will persist until the next bandwidth accounting period start.

Terminal information:

  • You will see an exclamation mark icon (!) under your service management site, Networking section:

  • You will see network speed limit in the Cloud Servers overview tab.

  • You can enable email notifications in the Metrics tab.

  • You can see more detailed statistics information under service Metrics section in Traffic chart.

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