One of the most anticipated features of our new Cloud Servers is the upgrade/downgrade option and the flexibility it provides. This feature allows you to add or remove specific resources by units to your server. By doing that you can tailor the server to your exact needs and therefore you won't be paying for unused resources. Due to servers' architecture and networking restrictions, there are few limitations:

  • Number of IP's can only be upgraded.

  • Hard Disk size can only be upgraded.

  • Number of backups can be downgraded if there are free slots left. Both scheduled and manual backups take one slot each.

You can view and add or remove your resources in the Terminal > Cloud Hosting > > Cloud Servers > Select your server > Click on Edit VM.

Customize your Cloud Server for your needs and click Save Changes below.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to perform STOP and START of the server from your Terminal dashboard for the configuration to update (a restart doesn't work the same way, it has to be specifically STOP and then START).

Note: All the invoices for your selected server has to be paid in order to be able edit your VM.

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