IP Address Market is the world's first automated IP management solution.

This article is focused on how to order IP addresses with IP Address Market.

Note: In order to use IP Address Market you need to have a verified Business Organization. If you already have an active account, you can click here to learn how to change your organization type.

STEP 1. Login into Terminal

STEP 2. Click on Menu at the top left corner and select IP Address Market -> Order

STEP 3. Choose your preferred Mask, RIR (Regional Internet Registries), Data Center location, and proceed by clicking on 'Search'.
Once the available subnet list will be displayed, select the ones you need and they will be reserved for a short amount of time. You can read more about it here.
When all required IP ranges are selected, click on 'Continue' to complete the purchase.

Note: If you don't know what is a subnet mask I recommend you to check this resource

STEP 4. Once the invoice is paid you will find your subnets in Terminal -> IP Address Market -> IPAM

If you face any issues while ordering IP addresses, feel free to contact our customer support team at Terminal -> Support -> Cases -> Submit a Ticket.

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