You are probably here because you have received a notification of abuse ticket(s). 

This article will walk you through how to deal with these tickets.

Firstly, it is expected that you inspect the report(s) and handle the cause(s) of the abuse (for further insight,  you can follow the ash link, then click on What is this? tab for more information on dealing with the abuse).

Secondly, after you have eliminated the source of the abuse, click on the ash link in the email. 

Ash link will redirect you to Heficed's abuse system, where you can find details about the abuse, evidence and other useful information. 

There are four tabs where you can find information:

  1. Basic information - self-explanatory, basic information about the abuse ticket. 

  2. Technical details - information about events (times your abuse has been reported to our system with evidence and sources)

  3. What is this? - general information about the abuse type, you can use as a guide for dealing with the issue.

  4. Questions/Resolved! - a form for communicating with us. 

Make sure you use the Questions/Resolved! tab to communicate with us, stating:

  1. What actions were taken to resolve the abuse?

  2. What procedures/actions/systems/means were implemented so that the abuse does not recur.

Once you confirm the way you have addressed the abuse, you can change the status of the ticket prior to clicking on the Submit button. 

After you have submitted the results, our administrators will check if abuse is really dealt with, then close the ticket. 

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