IP Address Market platform has now acquired a new feature, based on the BGP routing protocol. This feature allows spliting your subnets into smaller parts. 

Subnets with a prefix that are equal to and/or are larger than /24 can be migrated to other Heficed server locations. 

The smaller ones can only be used in the same location and cannot be migrated.

Follow these steps to split your subnet:

STEP 1. Go to your IP Address Market -> IPAM.

STEP 2. Select the subnet which you wish to split.

STEP 3. Select the CIDR into you wish to split.

Note: Your subnet will be split as a "tree structure".

STEP 4. To see your split subnets go back to your dashboard and select your subnet. 

Once your subnet is split, you can start using them immediately to your needs.  

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