If you would want to list your subnet on our IP Address Market you need to set an abuse contact to your IP subnet.

This article is focused on how to assign an abuse contact on AFRINIC.

This is one of the requirements in order to list your subnets on the IP Address Market.

STEP 1. Login to https://my.afrinic.net

STEP 2. In the top menu navigate to “Resources” and then select “IPv4 Resources”.

STEP 3. On the IPv4 Resources screen find the IP block you want to add abuse contact information

Note: you might need to create an assignment from your allocation:

  • STEP 3.1 Expand the prefix in which you want to create an assignment;

  • STEP 3.2 Click on “add assignment”;

  • STEP 3.3 Enter the prefix you want to create with CIDR notation (f. e.;

  • STEP 3.4 Enter the Netname. This should be a short, meaningful phrase describing your prefix. It may consist only from alphanumeric characters and dashes only. It cannot begin or end with a dash (we recommend entering “Heficed”);

  • STEP 3.5 Enter the description which describes you prefix (we recommend entering “Heficed”);

  • STEP 3.6 Select the country in which this assignment will be made. In AFRINIC region Heficed operates in South Africa. Later, Heficed support may ask you to change this field;

  • STEP 3.7 Enter WHOIS contacts (administrative – Admin, and technical – Tech). It’s up to you whether you want to administrate this prefix yourself (then enter you own nic-hdl), or do you want Heficed to administrate this prefix for you (then enter our nic-hdl “HNOC1-AFRINIC”);

  • STEP 3.8 In the “Whois Remarks” field enter this “abuse email: abuse@heficed.com”;

Here's an example: 

STEP 4. If the assignment is already made, click on the middle “Edit” button next to it:

STEP 5. Change the Netname, Description, WHOIS Contacts fields and Whois Remarks as described above

STEP 6. Click on update button and you have successfully added Heficed abuse e-mail.

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