If you would want to list your subnet on our IP Address Market you need to set an abuse contact to your IP subnet.

This article is focused on how to assign an abuse contact on ARIN.

This is one of the requirements in order to list your subnets on the IP Address Market.

STEP 1. Login to ARIN website https://account.arin.net

STEP 2. Navigate to “IP address” then click “Search”.

STEP 3. Find the subnet you want to change abuse contact information for and click on it’s Net Handle

STEP 4. Under the Network Information tab select Actions and click on Manage Resources POCs.

STEP 5. Select "Add Abuse POC" and in the Handle field search for ABUSE5327-ARIN and Use this POC and hit Submit.

Note: please make sure that you are setting Abuse POC handle, as our system specifically validates it, if you have set our abuse contact as other handle, for example NOC handle, then the validation will not work.

If you have followed every step, you have successfully added Heficed abuse contact. 

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