Here at Heficed we take abuse prevention seriously.

Learn how to report abuse correctly, so it’s handled most efficiently, below.


Reporting Abuse

If you observe any activity that you deem needs reported, do not hesitate to get in touch with Heficed Abuse Desk immediately. There are two ways you could do this:

  1. By reaching out directly to

  2. By using our contact form

These are the two main channels that we use.


Please refrain from using any other contacts to report abuse other than those listed above.

In your report, please include as much information and evidence as possible, - timestamps, domains and email addresses, attacking IPs, and IPs under the attack also. Print screens and text files are acceptable also. All of this helps us to narrow down the bad actor and tackle the issue. Lack of adequate evidence will result in our inability to resolve the issue. The Abuse Desk language is English.


Types of Abuse

The frequently encountered abuse types are as follows:

Copyright infringement: While we are not a hosting provider, some of our customers are. If a website hosted with them is using copyrighted material without your permission, report it under this category.

Malware/Phishing: IP/domains that are engaged in spreading botnet attacks, phishing attacks, pretending to be a known brand, and other malicious misuse goes under this category.

SPAM: Unsolicited emails, the most common type of internet abuse, goes under this category.

Unacceptable/Illegal materials: Should you encounter any material promoting hatred, violence or illegal/offensive activities, or child sexual abuse materials, notify us immediately. Make sure you reach out to national hotlines, as their staff is equipped to assess, evaluate and initiate a legal action based on the nature of the material.

Other: Anything else that doesn’t fall under any of the categories below.

If you have acquired a legal order or a subpoena, please get in touch with us via and we will help you to our best ability.

What’s next?

Usually you will receive a response from staff. Don’t worry, if you only receive an automatic response – the ticket is created automatically and is taken in for review by the team. We also use automated systems that process the report, and forward it to the customer immediately, however the team is also keeping an eye and following up routinely. Please be advised, certain behaviors take time to be resolved, but we assure you, every effort is made to keep abuse handling efficient and timely.


 If you received an abuse report

If you received an abuse report from one of our staff or automated system, we recommend act on it without a delay and respond to our staff so we know you are not ignoring the notice. Ignorance and lack of action will result in an escalation, and further steps taken to prevent any further damage, as per our Terms Of Service (

Expected handling timelines:

We expect our customers to react to abuse reports immediately, and will follow up if no action is taken. Failing to receive any response within given timeline, the services are suspended until further notice or terminated based on the severity of the issue.

  1. Spam, Spamvertisement, Malware, Phishing - 24h.

  2. Copyright infringement - 48h.

  3. Any other types of abuse - upto 48h.

  4. Should we receive a take-down request from the trusted hotlines - Heficed will proceed with an immediate take-down.

Please note, handling of the issue might take longer over the weekend and bank holidays.

Do not hesitate to reach out to a member of Abuse Desk or Support for assistance if you’re having difficulties resolving the issue.

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