Once you have ordered new IP addresses, it is easy to assign them to your server. Simply follow the steps below!
*This article applies to Cloud and Bare Metal servers. 

STEP 1. Access Terminal -> IP Address Market -> IPAM and locate your IP address range. Proceed to select 'Assign'.

STEP 2. Now, select a server location in the newly opened window. 

*If you are unable to find a particular location in this field, make sure to read this explanation of BGP limitations.

STEP 3. Go ahead and choose a server in the previously chosen location. Complete subnet assignment by pressing 'Save'.

After a short delay, you will see a message that routing was successfully completed.

If an error appears instead, make sure to create a Ticket or contact us directly to support@heficed.com.

Congratulations! IP addresses have been successfully routed to your server.

Please keep in mind that if you have assigned your IP ranges to a Cloud Server, you will also have to perform STOP/START actions to allow traffic through assigned IP addresses. 

Finally, to make your IP addresses usable on your server itself, you will have to configure them on your network interface.
This guide will explain how to achieve it: Adding IP to your network interface.

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