Monitoring your server's CPU load could be necessary.
We made it easy for you to always view your CPU usage in the Terminal

Besides, you can select 'Metrics' to get a better overview.

Alternatively, you can check your CPU usage directly from your server:

There are plenty of ways to check or monitor your CPU performance on a Linux server with the help of many different packages like sysstat, htop, etc.
But by default, you can check real-time resource usage by using the command:

# top

You can also add '-i' parameter to prevent idle processes from being displayed:

# top -i

*You can exit viewing your resource usage by pressing 'q' on your keyboard.

For Windows operating systems, there are quite a few external tools as well, however, the easiest way would be to use 'Performance' tab of your 'Task Manager'.

You can access it by navigating to Search or CTRL+ALT+DEL -> Task Manager -> Performance

Alternatively, you can access 'Performance Monitor' directly from the Task Manager or you can find it: Search -> Administrative Tools -> Performance Monitor

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