Do you have the IP addresses that you would like to use on your Heficed server?

No problem! It is possible to bring your IPs to our infrastructure by following the steps below:

STEP 1. Make sure to set abuse-email (abuse-c) of your IP range to
STEP 2. Create and send us a Letter of Authorization that would allow your prefix (e.g., /24, /23, etc.) to be announced under our ASN (AS61317) by our company (Digital Energy Technologies Limited).
STEP 3. Contact our customer support department with a request to accept your IP range to our infrastructure.
You can contact our customer support by creating a Ticket or by messaging us directly to

Please keep in mind that the smallest subnet that you can bring to us is - /24.

Our customer support team will handle further communication, and we will help you to use your IP addresses on Heficed servers successfully!

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