This article provides all the necessary information about the Heficed Reseller program:

  • How does Heficed Reseller Partner Program work?

  • What are Heficed Reseller Partner Program benefits?

  • What are the Heficed Reseller Partner tiers and discounts?

  • How to become Heficed Qualified Reseller Partner?

How does Heficed Reseller Partner Program work?

Heficed Reseller Partner Program is created to empower Reseller Partners to scale up while reselling our custom white-label solutions under their own brand. You can easily resell our infrastructure solutions: 

  • Bare Metal Servers

  • Cloud servers

We provide Reseller Partners with solutions and a powerful API that allows users to fully control the selling process. 

What are Heficed Reseller Partner Program benefits?

Heficed Reseller Partners can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Reselling Heficed products – Cloud and Bare Metal solutions under your own brand while offering tailored white-label solutions for your customers.

  • Low Entry Level - discounts with as low as $300 Monthly Recurring Fees (MRF).

  • Best-in-class discount to minimize your costs and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

  • Fully controlling the reselling process of solutions to your customers with our in-house developed API.

  • Improving your business reach by reselling Heficed products via multiple locations worldwide.

  • 99.9% connectivity and performance uptime. Heficed support team available 24/7.

  • A dedicated account manager to help you scale faster.

  • Access to +2M IPv4 addresses to go with the infrastructure you resell.

What are the Heficed Reseller Partner discounts?

25% discount if you are reselling for $300/mo - $9,999/mo

Start with as low as $300/mo and you will already get the best-in-class discount with the Heficed Reseller Program.

Exclusive discount and full migration support if you are reselling for $10,000 and up

We offer exclusive discounts and customized contract conditions according to your business needs. Along with custom solutions, full migration support, and a wide range of enablement materials as you get started.

How to become Heficed Qualified Reseller Partner?

The first step of becoming a Heficed Qualified Reseller Partner is to apply online. 

Once we receive and review the application, you will get an invitation for a call. Your Reseller Partner application is confirmed if you meet the following requirements:

  • Provide verifiable company website, company e-mail, company name, phone number, and address.

  • Have a business plan (target markets, approximate business volumes, etc.)

  • Provide billing and accounting support to your clients.

  • The capability of resolving SPAM, copyright & abuse reports of your clients, and any other violations of Heficed agreements. 

You finally become Heficed Qualified Reseller Partner and start getting partner discounts, when you reach the minimum monthly sales value equal to $300.

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