Heficed network is configured to pass through BGP communities and AS61317 provides BGP Communities to help control the scope and route preference of traffic. This means that our customers see IPTs/IXs BGP communities and vice versa.

Our BGP communities can be found on our RIPE object remarks:

To see the communities, scroll down to our object and expand it by clicking on 'Show entire object...'.

List of our IPTs/IXs communities:

List of providers in each location:

  • Frankfurt ISPs: Telia, GTT. IXs: DE-CIX Frankfurt.

  • Chicago ISPs: ServerCentral.

  • Los Angeles ISPs: Telia, GTT.

  • London ISPs: Telia, GTT.

  • São Paulo ISPs: CenturyLink (Lumen), TI Sparkle. IX: IX.BR.

  • Johannesburg ISPs: WIOCC, Liquid Telecom. IXs: NAPAfrica, Jinx.

  • Reston ISPs: Telia, GTT.

  • Milan ISPs: TI Sparkle, GTT.

  • Lagos ISP: WIOCC.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Customer Support by writing to support@heficed.com or by creating a Ticket.

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