In order for us to have the ability to manage the resources your bring to our IP Address Market and to offer you more management freedom, we would need to have our maintainer MNT-DETUK set as mnt-lower for your IP addresses.

Here is one of the easiest ways to do it:

STEP 1. Login to the RIPE website and use the RIPE Database (Whois) search to find the range that you own/maintain. Alternatively, you may find your IP resources by navigating to Resources -> My Resources -> IPv4.

STEP 2. Once you find your range, you may click on 'Update object'. It may show 'Login to update' if you are not logged in.

STEP 3. At the newly opened editing window, create the mnt-lower attribute by clicking on any of the plus signs ( + ), select 'mnt-lower' from the drop-down menu, and click on 'Add'.

STEP 4. Once a new attribute is created, define our maintainer by filling in 'mnt-lower' with MNT-DETUK as shown below, and save the changes by clicking on 'Submit'.

And that is it! You have successfully added MNT-DETUK as the lower maintainer!

Of course, there are multiple ways to manage your IP resources, so feel free to read through an official RIPE Document Library to learn more!

In case you need any assistance from Heficed, feel free to create a Ticket.

What is mnt-lower atribute and what permissions does it give to the added maintainer?

According to RIPE:
The "mnt-lower:" attribute specifies an existing mntner object used for hierarchical authorisation. It controls creation of objects one level more specific in the hierarchy of an object type (this only applies to inetnum, inet6num, as-block, aut-num, route, route6 or domain objects).

In other words, by adding a maintainer as mnt-lower atribute, you grant him permission to control lower level (if mnt-lower is placed for /21 subnet, then the maintainer will be able to control the two /22s and so on):
- inetnum objects (ipv4 resources),
- inet6num (ipv6 resources),
- route, route6 objects (IRR/route objects for ipv4 and ipv6),
- domain objects (nameserver delegations).

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