If you would want to list your subnet on our IP Address Market you need to set MAINT-DIGITAL-AP as mnt-lower to inetnum object to your IP subnet.

This article is focused on how to assign mnt-lower on APNIC.

This is one of the requirements in order to list your subnets on the IP Address Market.

STEP 1. Login to APNIC portal https://login.apnic.net/

STEP 2. Navigate to “Resources” then “Whois Updated” on the right side.

STEP 3. Click on "Update" tab and select inetnum in the Object type droplist.

STEP 4. Search for the IP range that you wish to set MAINT-DIGITAL-AP as mnt-lower. For example: -

STEP 5. Add the mnt-lower field.

STEP 6. Add the MAINT-DIGITAL-AP in mnt-lower field and update your subnet.

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