Hidden is one of our IP Address Market feature, which allows the IP owner to hide the subnet from the market and create a reservation ID. Reservation ID can be used to lease the subnet directly to the chosen client.

How to hide the subnet from the IP marketplace

First, start with opening your terminal window and navigating to IP Address Market>Monetizing IPs>Manage

Select and click the subnet which you want to hide from the IP market.

IMPORTANT! Subnet needs to be free (No leased IPs) in our example /24 subnet has 0/256 leased IPs

Press Subnet Setup (No. 1 in the picture) here you can see all information about your subnet. Click edit to change the settings of the subnet (No. 2 in the picture).

Find 'Hide from Marketplace' and press on the slider to turn ON the hidden function (should change from grey color to green).

Copy and save Reservation ID, then press Save changes.

After this point, your subnet is hidden from the IP marketplace and is visible only for you or clients who use your given Reservation ID.

How to use Reservation ID

Go to your Terminal>IP Address Market>Renting IPs>Order

In the search, find Reservation ID and insert the ID given by the owner, and press offers.

You should be able to see only 1 subnet in the result list. Press the square plus button on the right side and continues with the order procedure.

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